Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Run announcement for 10/27...

Saturday morning at 8:30 the Dirt Dog Trail Runners will be running a 6-mile loop course on Shell Ridge from Whitecliff Way in Walnut Creek. Ginny will be out early to mark the course and has said to watch out for snakes which are plentiful this time of year and Gerry will be at the start to get everyone going and sweep up Ginny's arrows.

Course directions will be given at the run.

Driving Directions: From the 680/24 Interchange take 680 South. Exit onto South Main Street going South. Turn Left onto Rudgear Road. Take Rudgear Road past Rudgear Park. Turn left on Whitecliff Way and follow it to the end where the run will start.

We look forward to you joining our run!

Ginny and Gerry