Monday, June 26, 2017

6/26 Dirt Dog Run Shortened

Gad, what a morning marking the trail… started out well, then Shep had an excursion going after a coyote. Got him back, we head on the foothill trail towards Livorna. They have now put a gate where the single track on the right goes down to Benham. That is nice, makes easier to notice arrows going there. At the bottom took single track on the right, a little overgrown but not bad and THEN, a barbed wire fence across the trail. No gate only way past is to crawl under. This is not good. We crawled under and then as the trail bends there is still a very muddy stream. Tried to find place to cross, none, shoes got covered in gooey yucky mud. Thought, maybe this is not the route for the dirt dogs. Went up the trail to the foothill ridge trail, erased arrows heading to Benham and put new arrows down on the service road leading to bull frog. So the run is shortened but no barb wire or yucky mud.