Friday, September 25, 2015

9/28 Dirt Dog Run @ 6:30PM

Monday evening at 6:30 the Dirt Dog Trail Runners will be running a 4 mile loop course on Shell Ridge from the Livorna Staging Area in Alamo.  Doug will be out early marking the course and Kat will be at the start to greet and sweep.  Slower runners are encouraged to start early to insure they finish in daylight.

Our next run will be on Sunday morning, October 4th.  We'll have plenty of daylight and the option of not fighting commuter traffic on the way to the run.

Driving Directions:  From the 680/24 interchange take 680 South towards Dublin.  Exit at Livorna Road.  Turn left (East) at the bottom of the ramp.  Follow Livorna Road to it's end just before a gatehouse.  The parking lot is on the left.

We look forward to you joining our run.

Doug and Kat