Friday, September 18, 2015

9/21 Dirt Dog Run @ 6:30PM

Monday evening at 6:30 the Dirt Dog Trail Runners will be running a 4 mile out and back course in Las Trampas Regional Park from the corner of Camille and Camille Lane in Alamo.  Cal will be out early marking the course and Tina will be at the start to greet and sweep.  Slower runners may want to turn early to make sure they finish the run in daylight.

We will be switching to Sunday morning runs beginning October 4th.

Driving Directions:  From the 680/24 interchange take 680 South towards Danville.  Exit at the Stone Valley West exit.  Turn left on Danville Blvd.  Go South on Danville Blvd.  Turn right on Camille.  Park on Camille at the end of the street.

We look forward to your joining our run.

Cal and Tina