Friday, September 12, 2014

9/15 Dirt Dog Run @ 6:30PM

2.  Greetings

Monday evening at 6:30 the Dirt Dog Trail Runners will be running on the Old San Pablo Trail along the San Pablo Reservoir.  This will be about a 4 mile out and back run on a relatively flat and mostly shaded course.  Slower runners or those who wish to do more miles may want to start around 6:15.  Bill will be out early marking the course and Jose Reyes will be there to greet and sweep.

EBMUD Trail Pass holders:  Please bring your trail pass and sign in for 4 runners.  Non pass holders can get a pass at  Cost is $30 for 5 years.

Driving Directions:  From the 680/24 interchange take 24 towards Oakland.  Exit at the Orinda exit and turn right at the bottom of the ramp onto Camino Pablo towards Richmond.  That road becomes San Pablo Dam Road after you leave Orinda.  Go past the water treatment plant and turn right on Bear Creek Road.  Parking is right on the corner of Bear Creek and San Pablo Dam Road.  Additional parking is on the side street immediately to your right.  

We look forward to your joining our run.

Bill and Jose